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I chose this dry cleaners to give my uniform suit to for ironing. Initially I'd called up to find out the price to iron a 3 piece suit in which he told me was normally £6.95. I got there with my suit and he told me its £7.95. I came back after an hour and a half to pick up my suit and there were dust stains every where on every piece of the suit. I brought the suit back to him and showed him all of the stains and he inconsiderately told me it wasn't from his shop and that it's soap powder. He knew that I didn't use soap powder on this suit and he also knew I brought the suit to him in a clean condition yet argued with me and never once let me speak. He also refused to clean all of the stains and tore the top of the bag that goes over the suit, instead of giving me a new one he used to small pieces of sticky tape to hold it together. Despite the fact that he tore it open, he told me he wasn't going to give me another one because they cost money. Absolutely awful place and service   02-07-15
Tags: , bad service, dry cleaners